Montag, 20. Juni 2016

SuperSauer links reupped on GitHub

Hey fellows,

Some of you asked of "how dead" this mod is, since its dead:
There wont be future fixes and there wont be any feature updates.

The reasoning behind that is that I concentrate on creating a nice modable game in a community of developers with instead of wasting time with the old codebase (it just gets so much easier if you create a hammer first before trying to build a house).
The time/results ratio is just too high with that approach (other modders: see this warning. its not worth it. If the general direction is faulty you won't change much with some skin updates)

However i reup the links for you since several persons asked:

Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

SuperSauer Version 1.0 released!

This is the first release of a fresh Mod for Cube2: Sauerbraten (Collect Edition) which aims to be more powerful and customizable than the original Client.

It has tons of new features and runs in parallel to your old Sauerbraten. Some features aim for the beauty, some want to make your life easier. Try it!

Thou, be warned: This project is in its early childhood so potentially bugs appear. If you notice them let us know please (IRC: #supersauer on . Just leave a line or two there describing the problem, your OS (windows/linux/mac) and how you can see the bug happen again if you know how)

How do I get it? 

Follow these step-by-step guides. Simply. For windows theres even a video.

I want to contribute as well

Yay, just come into irc.
We are open for new people.