Full Game Control

  • Who is first? Are we winning? No need to check the Scoreboard, you have it on-the-screen!
  • Better Scoreboard!
  • Modify and Change your Skins ingame!

Make this Sauer Yours

  • Modify everything. Make this Sauer yours.
  • 3D-Cube menu
  • Tons of Backgrounds, Themes, Icons, Cursors.. You could even put your own inside!
  • Works 100% in parallel to your old Sauerbraten!

Full Screenshot and Demo Control

  • Demobrowser!  (clanwars, duels, mixed games, map mode, most frags ..)
  • Preview of the result, the players, the map and mode
  • Jump directly to a specific event!
  • Renames Screenshots and Demos automaticly. If desired make screenshots after every game.
  • Automaticly puts Screenshots in the right directory ("duel" "clanwar" )

Badass Serverbrowser

  • Favorite servers-section (Fully customizable)
  • Preview of the serverinfos: map, mode, players, results..
  • Search bar
  • Clans-Search
  • Sort servers by everything you want (mastermode, players, ping, description, .. )
  • Wait for a free Slot (if server is full)
  • Fully customizable! 

Ingame IRC (Beta)

  • For Help or Bug reports, general talk or ideas. 


  1. this is totally not just crash

    1. Exactly, its not!
      It's based on the code i also provided for the crashmod.
      But its much more powerful and open-source.

    2. I like the opensource part

    3. also, didn't Graphox have this irc thing too?

    4. where can i find graphox?! btw i use and love supersauer!

  2. The ingame change are nice but the way to implement it suck.

  3. If you didn't abandon this mod, I suggest you this for the next version :
    - allow all the skins for any team.
    - replace the player skin "default" with the three skins "blue default", "red default" and "green default".
    - replace the flag skin "default" with the three skins "blue default", "red default" and "grey default".
    - allow any numbers of player models (break the limit of five map models; add, however a cubescripted and non hardcoded limit variable, set to 5 by defaut, for online matches).
    - make settable the team colors.
    - allow several ennemy team colors/skins for when the number of teams is three or more. (1st, 2nd, 3rd ennemy team... until a settable expected number of teams (I suggest set it to 3 by default))
    - add skin settings for non team based game modes.

    1. Yes, sadly i did. I probably wont even upload a bug fix-version, but thank you for the input :)
      I think providing a mod wont help sauerbraten, so were working on sauerbraten directly now.
      Read about it tomorrow on sauerworld.org

  4. Thank you for this mod. It have many potential. A little error is in the scoreboard & hud. It show often to many deaths of a player (in spec). The accurancy is fail/false with the ground of false deaths. Often has a new connected player many deaths.
    With hope of a bugfix is coming.
    I wish all a happy new year.

  5. I only could use the packages folder from geartroopers post but i think this is a really good mod so if you have some time would you pls fix the link because i want to play this so much ty.